• construction of new, modernization of existing and repair of damaged installations
  • installations of electrical switchboards
  • electrical connections
  • guaranteed power supply systems
  • indoor and outdoor lighting
  • modernization of control cabinets
  • electrical measurements using a thermal imaging camera
  • lightning protection and grounding installations
  • installation of cable routes/cable routing systems
  • fire protection systems
  • smoke removal systems
  • construction and modernization of computer networks
  • making of optical fibers networks
  • optical fibers welding with reflectometry measurements
  • measurements of structural network
  • laying and fastening of the wiring
  • connection of control and power cabinets
  • connection of motors, pumps and aggregates
  • execution and connection of ship automation systems installations
  • execution and connection of security and monitoring systems installations
  • execution and connection of optical fibers installations
  • closing of cable passages
  • electrical measurements
  • minor locksmith works
Jesteśmy częścią WRO GRUPPE
Jesteśmy częścią WRO GRUPPE
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