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We have been building our company's position on European markets for 13 years. We successfully implement projects in the field of electrical engineering in commercial and public construction. We put big emphasis on implementing optimal actions to provide the client with comprehensive solutions at every stage in a way that enables them to receive the service according to their expectations.

Our offer directed to the European market includes:

  • Construction of new electrical installations
  • Modernization of electric al installations
  • Assembly of electrical switchboard
  • Electrical connections
  • Internal nad external lighting for industrial and office building
  • LED lighting
  • Comprehensive installation of electrical installations in residential buildings
  • Assembly and start-up of equipment for technological processes
  • Repair of damaged electrical installations
  • Periodic inspections of electrical devices
  • Electrical control
  • Lighting protection and earthing installations
  • Electrical measurements
  • Planning
  • Electrical measurements of thermal imaging camera
  • Modernization of existing control cabinet
  • Assembly of automatic production lines
  • Service


Our company specializes in low voltage installations in all types of buildings. Many years of experience allow us to guarantee the highest quality of our services.

Our employees ensures low voltage installations at the highest European level. We dispose professional equipment for structural network measurements.

Our employees perform fiber optic welding with reflectometric measurements.

  • fire-alarm
  • smoke and air venting systems
  • computer networks
  • designing of computer network
  • Construction of copper structural wiring network
  • UPS installations
  • Construction of fiber optic networks
  • Wireless systems (WiFi) installation
  • Measurement of structural network 5 and 6 categories.
  • Measurement of fiber optic networks
  • Fiber optic measurements
  • Fiber optic welding
  • Modernization of existing computer networks
  • Service
  • Construction of electrical and telecommunication installations
  • laying and installtion of large diameter cables
  • connection of cable distribution cabinet
  • Closing of cable passages in anti-flood bulkheads
  • installations in cabins
  • Connecting aggregates
  • Connecting the jet engines
  • UPS system installation
  • Installation and connection of fiber optic cables
  • Electrical measurements
  • Installation of AC, DC cabling
  • Installation of ship automation systems
  • Verification of insulation status
  • Installation of main and emergency switchboard
  • Assembly of auxiliary control panels
  • Connection of power control pannels

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Paweł Chmielewski
Contracts Manager
kom. +48 882 018 573

Recruitment for Western Europe:
kom: +48 660 588 071

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