WRO-SYSTEM electrical engineering installations in buildings are delivered in accordance with TÜV norms and verification procedures.
The following list presents selected examples of projects delivered:
  • College building - Zehlendorfer Damm 199, D-33619 Bielefeld
  • pensioners house - Böttcherring, D-21640 Horneburg
  • pensioners house Sickerhäuserstr. 2B, D-97318 Kitzingen
  • refugees center buildings - Kuckucksweg 8-10, D-50997 Cologne
  • Berlin- hospital
  • Furth- SpVgg Greuther Furth football stadium (new grandstand)

The scope of works included:
  • basic and emergency lighting systems installations
  • connection works
  • structural cabling
  • distribution boards prefabrication
  • installation of devices up 400V

Cooperation in developing the following low voltage systems:
  • fire-alarm (BMA)
  • smoke and air venting systems (RWA)
  • intelligent systems
  • call systems
  • monitoring systems