The second pillar of WRO-SYSTEM's business activity is work agency.

Due to a high demand for skilled electricians and electrical installation fitters, we decided to establish a work agency certified by Bundesagentur für Arbeit in Nuremberg. The company leases our trusted and experienced employees.

How are we different form a standard work agency?

A standard work agency usually selects people on the basis of job advertisements without prior check or knowledge of their skills.

WRO-SYSTEM Work Agency offers the company's best specialists in installation, automation and maintenance works.
If you want to cut costs of:

  • recruitment
  • HR administration
  • absences and leave problems
  • tools and equipment purchase
  • accommodation and transport

  • reliable and experienced personnel equipped with propers tools
  • lease of groups of personnel adjusted to client's needs
  • quick reaction to client's requirements
  • competent coordination of the project

We are at your disposal to advise with selection of workers, equipment and machinery